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An update on 64-bit support in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Debian 7

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On the 26th April, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be released. Users on 64-bit Ubuntu will find that certain packages will fail to install, starting with this version. Users upgrading from earlier versions of Ubuntu will find that certain packages may also be removed during installation.

This is due to the removal of the ia32-libs package, which we use to build packages for 32-bit games that will install on older 64-bit Ubuntu and Debian systems. However, since Ubuntu 11.04 it is no longer necessary to use these 'fake' 64-bit packages to install games, as 32-bit packages will install gracefully. This will also be true for Debian 7.0, when it comes out.

Therefore we are starting a process of deprecation for the 'fake' 64-bit packages. With immediate effect, 'fake' 64-bit packages will no longer be offered automatically when downloading a 32-bit game for Ubuntu users. Users on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS who want to install a 32-bit game on their 64-bit system should change the architecture in the download box.

We are also introducing clearer labelling of architecture support across Gameolith. The icons 32-bit 64-bit visible on the front page and game listings indicates that a particular game has native 64-bit support. The icon 32-bit on its own indicates a particular game only has a 32-bit build.

We will continue to build and support 'fake' 64-bit packages until the end of support for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on the desktop, or the release of Debian 7.0, whatever comes later.

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