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We Oppose SOPA

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H.R. 3261, also known as the "Stop Online Piracy Act", is a bill currently making its way through the US Congress. This bill enacts a system of wide-ranging censorship for any website, under the pretence of stopping piracy.

We oppose piracy, but we cannot accept censorship as a way of protecting the interests of copyright holders. We feel the best solution to piracy is to provide options that are easier and better to use than illegal downloading.

The provisions in this bill would also make it completely impossible for us to continue to build our site. There are little to no provisions that would safeguard us and other legitimate websites and internet users from false copyright claims. The penalties for being accused of infringement are onerous, and many perfectly legal websites would effectively disappear from the Internet.

Therefore, we wholly oppose H.R. 3261, and we urge our US visitors to contact their local Congress representative to express their opposition.

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