Strange Masks


Discover Strange Masks, an innovative puzzle game that blends Concentration/Memory like games with Dungeon Crawlers in a minimalist yet captivating visual and audio environment.

Pair-up colored masks, Light Fire Masks and find your way to the exit. It starts easy but when new masks get on your way, your brain will just have to really start working.

If you like puzzles and are ready for some "brain ache" then Strange Masks will be one of the most rewarding game you've played to. It's a very precise machine, each level being carefully designed, made to push your limits. 

Strange Masks is a weird game and surely a very unique experience praised by many. So why wouldn't you give it a try right now ?

About Strange Masks

  • Release Date:
  • Language(s): English, Deutsch, Français
  • DRM: DRM Free

Awards and Acclaim

"“But after a few levels things pick up pace. The brain becomes engaged. The memory cells spark with activity. Your fingers smoke from the frenetic tap-mashing required to keep pace and beat the countdown. The “challenge” comes less from the game and more from overestimating your own reflexes and faculties.’But this game is so easy!’, you’ll cry after losing one of the later levels for the 5th time in a row.

Game review by OMG Ubuntu :

"The most peculiar thing started to happen the more I played Strange Masks. I realized that I was soon looking beyond the masks and at the bigger picture. The developer says of the game that it’s a puzzle game – a basic match-the-colors by memory – but that it also combines elements of dungeon crawling. Have you seen the game? It’s just a series of masks being flicked through, right? That’s all I saw before jumping in and giving it a go, and even in the first few introductory levels it remains just that.
But when the formation, number and diversity of the masks stacks up your brain instantly switches to thinking of the puzzle map as an environment – in my head I was thinking of each mask as a room.When you notice this happen you’ll appreciate the marvel it brings, as it reminds you just how amazing our brains are. "

Game review by Indie Statik :

“The appearance of the various faces which combines both the features and easthetics of the Greek theater and traditional Japanese No theater, makes the extremely precise level design all the more difficult and fascinating at the same time: they reward the mindful player but punishes the distracted one.”

Game review by The Indie Shelter (in Italian ) :

“Strange Masks is [...] the weirdest yet most enjoyable experience you can get for 4€. It's a game that blends puzzles with orientation and memory. It would have been yet another good puzzle game but it's gameplay and minimalist design, unbelievably rendered, give to it both a strange and mesmeric appeal.

Score : 8/10

Game review by Canard PC the 1st French video game Magazine (issue n°269)

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • Single Core 1Ghz CPU
  • 512 Mo RAM
  • 30 Mb Free space
  • a sound card ;)
  • a 1024x600 screen

Recommended Requirements